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Posted by angelatine25
Yay \OwO/
You're doing greaaaatttttt >:DDDDD

o3o -smacks back- you're so talented
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Posted by ToBeContinued
wao >w<
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Posted by Cheese (Guest)

lol len fails to climb over the fence epically
(miku jumps and Kaito steps over)
climb len climb!!! XD
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Posted by some idiot (Guest)
you need to make more! I check here once a month and so far not a single new page ! :(
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Posted by Kairin Touzen

@some idiot: Sorry, sorry! *bows down repeatedly* I'm alive, just to inform you XDDD It's just that I couldn't get a good time to make manga pages (thanks to my schedule... school stuff..) Making a page takes me .. one and a half days with no disturbance...

Eventually I'll be able to unload myself of school work during vacation.. (around March-May) so you could expect better updates by then..

Thank you for the support by the way. :)
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Posted by Alyssa-chan owo (Guest)
Awesome >w< Please make MOAR pages!!! OWO
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Posted by A young vocaloid fan (Guest)
make more!!!!
@Kairin Touzen: It's already June! Can you at least make a page or two during the Summer? That would be great
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Posted by vocaloid fan (Guest)
Why do you do your manga from left to right instead of the traditional right to left? I'm not forcing you to change your ways, but I'm just asking, why?
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Posted by Kairin Touzen

Okay um... Whew... How do I start this off?

@A young vocaloid fan: Um.. Hopefully yeah. If my life's schedule really goes unfriendly, then I will have to carry out my Plan B. OTL

@Vocaloid fan: Well I'm not really Japanese.. and it's my personal preference ^^;a
It's kinda confusing for me to adapt to right-to-left, actually. I tried it once, but I had difficulty adjusting, it feels as if I'm drawing on the wrong side of the table. I'm very used to Western style directions XD

Um.. well guys, HOPEFULLY, this month would shower me with hope. Since I think I'm not gonna be smothered by my college schedule anymore, I guess I have more time to draw..

Anyways, thank you so much for those who took time to look at the site, and also, to encourage me to make more pages. You guys are awesome XD
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Posted by Purple mustache

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Posted by Enora (Guest)
Omg!! This is so wonderful! You draw so well!!! It's just amazing!
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Posted by Enora (Guest)
Pleeeeaaase! I was waiting during all this time! Aren't you going to publish the rest of this story?!! Pleeeaaase! I keep hoping.
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Posted by Ononoki (Guest)

Awesome manga. I love it :33
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